I’m a 20 something year old Beauty addict/blogger living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. People call me Harnam but some may very well know me as Hari. I like to write about beauty products, my life, & some random ramblings along the way!

I started Hari-Kaur a couple years ago on the most awful Blogger template you’ve ever seen and not a clue what I was doing. 2 years later I can talk about SEO until I’m blue in the face, manage 4 social media channels simultaneously and have a pretty impressive blogging terminology vocabulary. Queen Bee might have that bod, but I know what really gets the men…

Blogging has become so much more than a hobby for me. I’m so passionate about my little blog and view Hari Kaur as a brand that I’m constantly striving to better.

I started off blogging only about makeup and beauty, mainly reviews and tutorials, but this year I’ve decided to have a major blog-over and branch out to cover other subjects such as fashion and lifestyle. It gives me more to write about, I no longer get blogger’s block (well, not so much at least) and there’s more for you to goggle over.

I love networking with other bloggers, brands, PR reps and the general public, so please do tweet me, send me a Facebook message, email, pigeon carrier, message in a bottle… Whatever you fancy as long as it is legal and unlikely to kill me.

I hope you like reading blog posts just as much as I enjoy writing it! I’ve loved my blogging journey so far and am so excited to see where it takes me. Come along for the ride. And bring some Oreos with you. Cheers!






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