The Colourpop Rave

Hi there beauts!

Let me just say…Holy Moly Mother of Cows I am in love with ColourPop! Basically everything is $5 per item and you can load up your cart for very little. After $35- shipping is free!  Pick one or pick a bunch- I promise you’ll be addicted once you start. 

I’ve been seeing LOADS of raves about ColourPop Cosmetics and honestly, I couldn’t get into it. I’ve been hoarding Mac lipsticks as of late and thought I’d get to ColourPop if I really felt the need to pick up a lip liner or something.

Then I read a few reviews here ‘n’ there and saw some great Instagram pic’s so I caved in and decided to ordered some Lippie Stix and some Lip Pencils in matching shades, to try it out and see what all the hype was about…la tee da, no big deal, easy as you please.  Withing 1 week of ordering them, they arrived and I realized these were an actual gold mine!  If you’re into matching items like lip liners and lipsticks this will fill your heart with so much matchy-matchy glee- I know it did mine.


It was fun to scroll through all the great colors and as they were so affordable you can get a good haul in for not much cash.  Seriously- $5 each!I ordered and like I said, they arrived.  Complete with super cute handwritten note and lots of little white tubes. The Lippie Stix are slim, very opaque and not waxy in formulation.  The pencils are buttery without being crumbly or too soft. Basically, all your lip wishes come true with ColourPop! That sounds grandiose, I get it, but really I was shocked and sooo impressed.  Impressed enough to order again.  And again. It clearly became my new obsession.Here’s my lip haul from ColourPop so far!

Each Lippie Stix has a matching lip liner & they’re super super cheap! I definitely think its a bargain buy and you for sure get yours monies worth! 


From left to right:- *Heart On Lippie Stix* *Heart On lip liner* {matte finish} *I Heart This Lippie Stix* *I Heart This lip liner* {matte finish}*Flawless Lippie Stix* *Flawless lip liner* {satin finish} *Bichette Pencil* {satin finish} *Scandy Pencil* {matte finish} … These colors are so beautifully pigmented, the colors are so bold especially Scandy, it’s almost a shocking pink color. 

I love, love, love these.  One of the awesome things about this company is the huge range of shades they have available.  They make every lipstick shade from the palest lip to jet black.  They even have a green and teal lip shades.  So if you’ve been wanting to try a vampy, dark purple lip or wondering which shade or red lipstick will look best on you, this is your company.



The liners for the lighter and medium tones are slightly deeper than the lipstick shades.  At first, I double checked to make sure I hadn’t put the wrong one on.  Then I realized that the darker shade is intentional, so create a more natural, dimensional lip.  This natural looking nude lip, instead of flat, pale zombie lip.

 The lippie stix twist up and the liners need to be sharpened.  Each lippie and pencil contains the same amount of product, .032 oz.  I was on the fence about needing the liners, because I have a ton, and I’m SO glad I got them.  The darker shades are great to have, because they are a perfect match, which it can be hard to find for red or vampy lip shades. The lighter pencils are great, because even though they are slightly darker than the lipsticks, they are perfectly coordinated tones, so they look amazing together.  The lighter pencils look best if you fill in almost half of your lips with them, then layer and blend the lipstick over them.


The liners really keep the lippies in place.  For the darker shades, they gave me an ultra precise red lip.  The glossy shades I found tended to “bleed” the most without the pencils and the lighter shades looked less natural without the liners.  The satins and mattes stayed in place and the mattes have a long wearing formula.  Meaning you will not need to reapply all night.  Just bring your matching pencil with you to touch up the around your lips if you are eating or drinking. The liners are all matte and the lippie stix come in a glossy finish (lighter shades), satin (mid tone shades) and matte finish (darker shades).

 I don’t have a single con I can think of.  I’m completely obsessed with these pencils and lippie stix. I can’t believe you can get an entire lip look (lipstick and liner) for $10.


Hope you all enjoyed this post all about ColourPop Cosmetics! I’ve been absolutely LOVING this brand so far, and trust that as long as they keep producing quality products, it will become one of my favorites. If you try any of their products, let me know which ones, and if you enjoy them!



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