Good morning my loves and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So today I was trying to figure out what tips and tricks i can give out to all my beauts on Instagram for my TOP TIP TUESDAY! but i just couldn’t think of anything at the top of my head, so i swirled around in my beauty box to see if I could find something interesting to share with you all. While i was rummaging through it all i realized how all my eyeshadows are unorganized and all over the place. So while i sat there contemplating over how I should keep all my shadows in one place like i do with my brushes, it hit me! Why not just talk about how I keep my brushes organized! It’s something I definitely appreciate when it comes to doing my makeup. I just wished someone had told me about this allot sooner.

But before I go on, I have to admit something to y’all… i have an excessive amount of brushes, its ridiculous. I may be exaggerating a bit but the bottom line is that I have way more brushes than I need (according to some people.  I swear I use them all).  Being that I have a nice sized collection of brushes I obviously needed a way to store them in a way that would make them easily accessible. But just to make it easier ill be using a handful of my brushes to demonstrate how I like to store them.


Months ago I saw a post on Pinterest on how to maximize your storage space for little things using Ikea items and immediately stored it in the “things to do when I’ve got time” file.  I never thought anything of it at the time but when it came time for me to make some makeup brush holders I knew exactly where to turn.

I would suggest you check your local craft store or dollar store ( or even £1 store like Pound Land, for those of you in England) for supplies for this craft and I’d imagine that you could make it for much cheaper than I did.


Anyway, first you’ll need to determine how large of a container you need.  The container posted above is what I use for my face brushes and eye brushes. But i would reccomend you use something a little larger when it comes to storing face brushes, especially if you have wider ended brushes like my Real Techniques brushes. Those could be a little tricky to store, so i would defiantly recommend getting a slightly larger vase or bowl.


Decoration, sand/stones, black/white, gray

I also got the sand which I would use to keep my brushes in place from Ikea. You can find these in the vase and flower department. they’re pretty cool, and they come in various colors.

Once I have all my containers and sand ready, I fill my containers up with the sand about 75-80% of the way and it works out perfectly well. I’ve found that if you fill them too low the brushes will stand up fine but once you start pulling them out for use it causes the brushes left in the container to fall over or droop to one side. But that’s it!  This project cost me about $8 total (not including makeup brushes) but that’s taking into consideration the conversion from the £ to the $.
Happy reading loves!



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