I absolutely love my Real Techniques makeup brushes, and i’m pretty sure im not the only one who thinks so. Around the world, Real Techniques brushes are some of the most popular makeup brushes available. And that’s for good reason: the brushes are labeled and color-coded (gold for foundation, purple for eyes, and pink for finishing), they are hand-cut to achieve the perfect shape, they stand on their own so you can display them easily on your vanity, and they have wonderful soft yet synthetic bristles, which means they are cruelty-free. One of the best aspects is that the brushes are also very affordable without sacrificing quality. The only problem is that they offer so many makeup brushes it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set 

First up in my Real Techniques makeup brush review is the Core Collection set. Four brushes in one case – this set might be all you need to create a overall look. its a great starter set for those who are not able to splash out on the more luxury brands.

After trying these, I’ve gotta say, I am very pleased. For starters, it comes in a nice travel-friendly case and contains four brushes with synthetic bristles. The brushes are all soft and don’t feel harsh against my skin. Not to mention, the handle on these feel light and sturdy which makes them quite comfortable to use.

Even though they aren’t as dense as I would like them to be but that doesn’t affect their performance. On the bright side, these dry real quick as opposed to my Sigma/MAC brushes which take a whole day to dry. Moreover, I haven’t noticed any shedding or splaying so far.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Buffing brush

I am extremely happy with the Buffing brush. It’s excellent for applying liquid foundation, BB cream and powder based products. I love the way it blends makeup and creates a flawless base. I especially like to use this to blend out my contour, i feel it works well and is definitely a must-have!


Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Contour brush

The Contour brush is my second favorite from the collection. I like that it’s little round and pointed at the tip as it helps create that precise contour in a matter of seconds. But if you don’t like a sharp look, you can easily blend your bronzer or contouring powder for a diffused effect. I also use it to highlight parts on my face like cheekbones and nose. Apparently, it looks small but it’s very precise in its application which allows for controlled lines so you’re never at the risk of overdoing which is great.


Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Pointed Foundation brush

To be honest, I am slightly disappointed with the Pointed Foundation brush because I find it too small for foundation application. especially as i have a more rounder face it takes way too much effort to apply foundation with this brush than it should. It’s been sitting in my stash just like that. But I do tend to use it from time to time to apply my liquid concealers as it works will to get into those hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and mouth.


Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Detailer brush

The Detailer brush is good. however I prefer to use it as a lip brush. You could also highlight your cupid’s bow or the inner corner of your eyes with it.

Overall, I think the Core Collection is fantastic for makeup newbies and budget-conscious girls. I find these brushes pretty versatile; you can use one brush in so many different ways. I highly recommend!

Base brushes

Real Techniques Powder Brush

This brush is big. It’s also wonderfully soft, and is perfect for applying your powder and mineral foundations. It picks up just the right amount of powder to create a flawless base with excellent coverage. Your skin will look clean and beautiful with the help of this brush.



Real Techniques – Powder brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

If you want to get to an expert level of foundation application, try this soft yet firm face brush. You’ll want the Expert Face Brush both to apply and blend your cream or liquid foundations. The bristles are non-porous which means that they’re easy to clean and won’t waste any of your liquid or cream – it will all go on your face and not soak into your brush. This brush will make your pores vanish.


Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush

Finishing brushes

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

If you want your daily makeup to look like it’s professionally done, get this wonderful Stippling Brush. Unlike buffing, you’ll want to pick up just a small amount of foundation in the white tips of the brush and dot your face gently. You will get a beautiful, clean finish that, while looking airbrushed, will never look heavy.

Optimized-real-techniques-stippling-brush realtechniquesstipplingbrush

Real Techniques Brushes – Stippling brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush

I love this big and soft Blush Brush. It’s nicely tapered, which makes it comfortable and easy to swipe on color without any fuss. If you want to apply more precise and specific color you might want a smaller brush, but this Blush Brush is for those of us who want the job done quickly, and done right.

RT Blush Brush03 testbericht-9015-1

Real Techniques – Blush Brush

I hope that this Real Techniques Makeup Brushes review has helped you decide which of their many wonderful brushes to work with. I’m sure you will love the brushes, and, since they never shed, are quick and easy to clean, and keep their shape, they will stay in your makeup kit for years in perfect condition.

What do you think about the brushes? Have you tried it yet?



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