Farewell Pithaji

Your wisdom and love made us who we are today. You are the man that lived a created a true legacy for yourself, you are the man that climbed the golden stairs all the way to the heavens you are forever blessed and have showered your blessings upon your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. On Saturday 20th June I stood before your casket adorned with flowers, and even then till the day of your last rights your face shone regal and angelic in a white namdhari dastar (turban) and kurtha pajama, and gazed out at a hundred people who had gathered around to bid you their last farewell.

I never really like to write about my emotions and feelings especially when someone i really love and care about has departed from this dream like world, I just like let them pass and move on with life but today, I know I need to draw courage from words on paper and let my feelings flood. I feel like its something i need to do, even though its almost been a week, not a day goes by where I don’t miss you, our beautiful Pitha Ji.

In the beginning, there were sounds: your voice, teaching me to recite my jap ji sahib paat, peli pori:

Ik Onkar. Sat Naam. Karta Purakh. Nirbhau. Nirvair. Akal Murat. Ajuni Saibhang. Gurprashad. Jap. Aad Sach. Jugad Sach. Hai Bhi Sach. Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach.

and then slowly moving on to reciting the full ardaas. Pithaji was a very respectable religious man with many religious values. Till the last moments of his life he would sit there reciting his namsimran and gurbani as much as his mind, body and soul would allow. He was truly an amazing person and he is truly going to be missed.

He lived every moment in this deep calm with child-like wonder and love for the beauty in the world – he would see god in everyone and everything. He was a true saint and its a great loss to us all that he’s now no longer with us physically. However i’m sure he’s out there somewhere in the heavens looking down on us all laughing with the cute little laugh of his, nodding his head while doing his namsimran.

Personally I have always been a little saddened that i never got to experience the love of my naniji the way most of my cousins have, I always felt a little misfortunate not being born in her era where she would shower all her children and grandchildren with many great and precious memories. But for me Pithaji made up for all that, he mended that little hole in my heart that i could not share with anyone. He created a such a bond where I no longer felt like I was missing out on anything he was my naniji and my nanaji, he left me with many memories with which I am content with and will cherish for the rest of my life.

He taught me how to cook at the age of 10 or at least make a decent thurka without burning the house down. He encouraged me to learn my japji sahib paat. He used to sit me and my brother down and tell us all these beautiful life changing experiences he went through life which led him to become the man he was, a man of true virtue following the path of riotousness.

I look back at all these memories you have left us with and it saddens me that you are no longer here. Your gone, your body is gone, the whispers of your simran’s gone, and everytime i think of you gone i just want to cry my eyes out all over again. But there is another part of me too. Deep inside, where you planted a seed of strength in my heart, I know that you are just on the other side of my grief. I know that you have been with me all along. And you will continue to be with me. You will be within each of your grandchildren whenever we need you. It is an honor to be your grandchild; it is an honor to be blessed with your love.

We will try to live up to your example: your deep faith in God, your constant curiosity, your discipline in mind and body, your endless creativity, and yes, your fearlessness in life and in the face of death. I will feel you in the root of me, so that everything that I do, you do. Everyone who knows me, will know you. My children will know you and their children’s children will know you.

since this is not goodbye, I have one last prayer to offer your spirit as it goes blazing up into the heart of God. This prayer is called Tati vao na lagi. “The hot wind cannot touch you in the fires,” Pitha Ji, just as it could not touch you in life, because you move in the circle of God’s Protection.

The hot wind does not even touch one who is under the Protection of God.

On all four sides I am surrounded by God’s Circle of Protection; pain does not afflict me, O Siblings of Destiny.

I have met the Perfect True Guru, who has done this deed.

He has given me the medicine of God’s Name, and I enshrine love for the One Lord.

God has saved me, and eradicated all my sickness.

Says Nanak, God has showered me with His Mercy; He has become my help and support.

[Guru Arjan, SGGS 819:16]

Farewell Pitha ji until we meet again…


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I would just also like to thank Sunny Juttla for taking such great shots of our beloved Pitha ji. 

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