Hi loves,

So today i’m going to be reviewing the oh-so-fav brand Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte lipsticks.

colourpop ultra matte

Photo Credit: Colourpop Cosmetics

currently colourpop have released around 33 different colors all varying from browns, nudes to vibrant pinks and purples. These lipsticks were released a few ago and their website had completely crashed as people were going crazy. Each lipstick retailed at $6.00 USD for 0.11oz, which in my opinion is a steal, so I somehow managed to snag 2 of them just before they sold out (Zipper – ColourPop & Drive-In – ColourPop). As of right now they are completely sold out but i’m sure they will be restocking them, so keep an eye out.

What i absolutely love about Colourpop and why you seem me constantly raving over their lippistix is that they have an amazing pigmentation and color pay off as well as the fact that almost all their products are priced pretty reasonably.

The ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip is basically the same product that everyone has been raving about recently. It’s basically a liquid lipstick that dries down to a ultra-matte, flat finish that doesn’t budge easily. These are probably one of the most driest liquid lipstick’s that i’ve used. if you are looking for a pure matte finish lipstick that does not budge then this is the one for you. If your not so much into the whole matte drying consistency flex because they’re too drying for your lips then you will most likely hate this product. Personally i hate the consistency on my lips. I’m usually a huge fan of matte lipsticks i absolutely love Colourpops matte lippiestix collection however their ultra matte collection are way to dry, flakey and almost powdery, but there is absolutely no moisture in this formula. I


When i first applied the lipstick to my lips i could feel it drying straight away so you would want to be very careful and fast making sure you don’t make any mistakes because not only is this lipstick fast drying but its also very hard to remove. once it dries on to your lips it will not budge. the formula is very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick or the LimeCrime liquid lipsticks – it has a pretty thin and smooth consistency it glides on pretty nicely and has a pretty intense color pigment.

With a product like this, a good lip prep is essential especially If you are like me and find this formula a bit too drying, you can always just use a more moisturizing base coat to your lips before applying the lipstick (I would recommend using Vaseline Lip Therapy), Or you can just apply lipgloss over the ultra matte lipstick and this should help bring some moisture back to your lips. I noticed when i applied the lipstick without any base coat, my lips started to feel as though they were tightening up and flaking almost straight away. so i thought to reapply another coat to my lips which might help but that didn’t help the texture at all.

Removing these lipsticks can be a bit of a pain in the butt, but doesn’t mean its not possible. All you will need is a good oil or oil based makeup remover like the Cleanse Off Oil by MAC.






Top Lipstick: Zipper Bottom Lipstick: Drive-In












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